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    How to do a good management of fresh purchase

    It is difficult to make fresh electricity suppliers, so it is more difficult to make fresh purchases. So fresh distribution or fresh electricity providers, how can we do a good job in fresh procurement management?

    The price of fresh goods is influenced by various factors such as season, climate, holiday, market supply and demand, quality and so on. The change of market price may be larger, resulting in the large price elasticity of fresh purchase. In addition, the characteristics of non standardization and short shelf life limit its inability to stock up, can not customize the purchase sample, and increase more. It is difficult to make fresh purchases. In the fresh distribution process, how to lower the purchase price and make the procurement process well? At present, there are three kinds of common procurement methods: first, self mining, second, supplier supply, third, direct supply of origin, fourth, distribution center supply. What are the differences and advantages of the four ways?

    1, the advantages and disadvantages of the purchase method of fresh distribution.

    The purchase price of fresh distribution is fair, and buyers will investigate the market ahead of time before making a price, so as to realize the best price. But there are also bad sides. There are more potential or invisible costs, such as personnel costs, processing losses, and so on.

    2. The advantages and disadvantages of fresh distribution to purchase suppliers.

    If the supplier is supplied by the supplier, the biggest advantage is the high stability. In the contract period, the supplier should keep the fresh vegetables on time and distribute the fresh vegetables, and make it easy to cooperate with the supermarket. But in terms of price, we will lose the opportunity to negotiate, so it is very important to select suppliers with strong responsibility and strong production capacity.

    3, the advantages and disadvantages of fresh distribution procurement distribution center supply

    If the fresh distribution is distributed by the distribution center, the characteristics of the distribution center are connected to the producing area and distribution shop, play the transfer function of the distribution center, complete the preliminary cleaning and packing, and reduce the work link and the manpower cost. It is suitable for the large quantity of orders to increase the delivery speed.

    In addition, there is a direct supply of production from the origin of the origin of direct delivery from the origin to the store, high cost of distribution, less users, the need to organize local associations, to expand the scale of products and production, reduce production, distribution costs and so on.


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