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    The latest standard of organic green vegetables

    Sensory quality indicators:

    1. Leafy vegetables include cabbage, cabbage and leafy vegetables. It is the same variety, meat is fresh and tender, the shape is good, the color and lustre is normal, the base of the stem is flat, no yellow leaf, sick leaf, soil, obvious mechanical injury and disease and insect injury; no burning heart and rot, decay and so on, no bolting (except the heart of the vegetable); the leaf vegetable of the ball should be compact; spinach and local celery can take root with it. Cauliflower, broccoli belong to the same variety, the shape is normal, the meat is dense, fresh, without petioles, the base of the stem is flat, no rotting, disease and insect, mechanical injury; cauliflower, flower ball is white, no hair flower, broccoli without leaves, can take the main stem, green green flower ball, no purple flower, and no buds.

    2. Eggplant includes tomato, eggplant, sweet pepper, chili and so on. They are of the same specifications, fresh and bright, with round and smooth fruit, moderate maturity, neat, no rotten fruit, peculiar smell, pests and diseases, and obvious mechanical damage.

    3, melon and fruit include cucumber, gourd, cucumbers, sponge gourd, balsam pear, wax gourd, Chieh qua, pumpkin, finger citron and so on. Belong to the same variety of specifications, shape, color and color, uniform, no scar, no fracture, no soil, no malformed melon, pest melons, rotten melon, no obvious mechanical injury.

    4, root vegetables include radish, carrot, turnip, turnip cabbage, etc. It is of the same specifications, with smooth skin, good color, uniform size and crisp and compact meat. Fresh, no malformations, cracks, bran, pest and disease spots, sediment, without stem leaves, fibrous roots.

    5. Potato taro includes potatoes, dioscorea, taro, ginger, sweet potato and so on. They are of the same breed and specifications, with uniform color and without silt, without stem leaves and fibrous roots, without mechanical and insect pests, without decay or withered. The skin of the potato can not be green.

    6, Allium and Allium includes scallion, shallot, onion and so on. Belong to the same variety, allow garlic and Allium garlic to keep clean fibrous roots, go to old leaves, leek to root to old leaves, garlic, onion go to dry leaves; edible part of fine texture, without sediment impurities, no diseases and insect pests.

    7, beans include cowpeas, beans, peas, beans, beans, beans, lentils and so on. The same species has complete specifications, good maturity, and no disease and pest spot. Pods: the pods are fresh and tender and uniform. Beans: kernel is more plump and no germination. No dirt or impurities.

    8, aquatic species include Zizania latifolia, lotus root, water chestnut, arrowhead, water chestnut and so on. It is of the same breed specification, tender meat, moderate maturity, no soil, impurity, mechanical injury, no drying up, no rot and mildew, and Zizania is not black hearted.

    9. Perennial species include bamboo shoots, day lily, asparagus and so on. It is of the same breed specification, young, no disease and insect spot, and no obvious mechanical injury. The flowers of the yellow flower can not be cooked directly.

    10, sprouts include mung bean sprouts, sprouts, pea sprouts, Toona sinensis seedlings and so on. Buds are tender and free from bean hull impurities, fresh and not soaked. Vegetable hygienic quality index project.


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