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    How will the fresh food be stored?

    Food storage methods, learn to get up

    Now a lot of people like to put up a lot of food, and in the near future they will be stored in the refrigerator. In fact, this is wrong. Eating such food is not very healthy for our body. How should the food be stored correctly? Lianyungang vegetable distribution let us look at it together.

    1. when the potato is stored in the refrigerator, the starch can be converted into sugar, which affects the taste of the potato. Many people don't like the taste. We can store it in a bag and put several apples in it, and the apple will send out a gas called ethylene gas. Is it not easy to delay potato development and taste?

    2. a lot of people feel bananas are not good to preserve, basically after a night will change black, in fact, the way to save the banana is very simple, only need to wrap the root of the banana with fresh film, many tropical fruits are not suitable for the refrigerator; strawberry is the most difficult to store the food, never put in the refrigerator for preservation, and no Only taste will change, and even mildew will happen. When strawberries are kept, do not let strawberries stick to water and try to keep them cool and gout.

    3. baked food in the refrigerator storage, will speed up the speed of food hardened, this kind of food in the refrigerator not only does not play an insurance role, and will accelerate the deterioration, this kind of food is best to be kept in the fresh-keeping bag, the room temperature can be preserved, if it is bought, it is better to be in the shelf life.

    4. onions in the refrigerator will become soft, the water loss is faster, the serious will be mildew, the onion storage only need to store in the room temperature, put in a cool, ventilated place, to avoid direct sunlight place.

    5. fish is the most unsuitable for storage in the refrigerator, the temperature of the refrigerator is relatively high relative to the fish preservation temperature, so the fish itself will have a lot of changes, so the fish do not store, the best is to buy present food.


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